JULY 30 & 31 / SAT & SUN /10AM – 4PM
We just started to organize the premises – so these are only preliminary pictures and information – check back Thursday July 28 for new photos and more details – plus we will be adding another estate to this most interesting sale /
Emporium of Equipment, Effects and Ephemera for your Enjoyment !
-2006 Silver Dodge Magnum / 144,000 miles / $4,450
-high performance automotive gear, parts and accoutrements, including a Mustang engine, Silverfox transmission and manys chrome add-ons
-tons of automotive, machinist and shop manuals
-some racing ephemera, jumpsuits and helmets

-car parts and tools

-many interesting industrial (some are almost chic) shop, drafting and machine desks and tables, an oversized Steel case linoleum topped Navy steel desk plus a few Goodform steel chairs and adjustable stools

-a variety of very handsome, high quality, hand-made modern and antique, lacquered and natural wood, Chinese and Japanese cabinets made of elm, cedar and kiri wood:

-a couple of American made chest of drawers
-several smaller filing cabinets and a few executive sized standard office desks
-pair of small black lacquered hardwood cabinets
-various bookshelves and curio cabinets
-iron clad hardwood storage chest
-an antique upright piano with character
-a wide variety of musical performance and recording equipment, some instruments, some stands, some unique speakers and homemade amps and mixers, and miles of patch cabling of every variety
-effects pedals, signal processors, digital delay/sampler
-portable racks, patch boards
-digital recording equipment
-Equipment by Roland, MIDI, Yamaha, Okyno, Tapco, Denon, Digitech, Power Technology, Symetrix, Deltalab and others
-loads of miscellaneous: DVDs, CDs, VHS, office supplies, small office equipment, gear head swag, concert t-shirts, shelving units, scrap metal, shop chemicals, lubricants and automotive paint in small quantities, amateur rocket gear (small scale kits) and some slot-car stuff plus a triumphant troupe of towering sports and racing trophies … so far! THERE WILL BE MUCH MORE ADDED TO THE MIX !!!