AUG 19, 20 & 21 / FRIDAYSUNDAY 10AM – 4PM
WWW means World Wide Wow … Weirdness, Whimsy, Wildlife, Women and Work all come into play at this Big Toys for Big Boys Sale … This is definitely a very Unique & Unusual Universe of Curios & Collectibles not to be missed!
-leopard print chaise lounge 42″x 84″, 4 leopard upholstery chairs
-dark oak 31″H x 20″W x 93L” chest of drawers
-black desk chair
-black leather chair
-beige carved leg sofa
-wood box coffee table with two opening lids, 36″x36″ x 20″H on castors
-lots of good patio furniture, chairs, lounges, benches and tables
-Bonsai Trees:  Some maple, Juniper, Japanese Ginseng grafted ficus (needs trimming), Mungo pine, Chinese Elm, Hornbeam and others, beautifully maintained
-Feather mask by artist Lorra Lee Rose in framed box approx 30″x30″
many exotic bird feathers
-Feather wand by artist Lorra Lee Rose in framed box approx 14″x41″
impeyan pheasant feathers featured
-la Guernica by Picasso, high quality 27″x53″ print
-many framed original artworks by various artists in various mediums, many fanciful, whimsical, naturalistic and humoristic subjects
-five heavy marble nude female torso made in Brazil from 14″ to 18″ tall
-handmade copper peacock on an 15″x20″ base of redwood burl wood
-custom one of a kind sculpture ‘The Witch by the Morrigan’, she may turn
to a crow or wolf, from Irish Celtic mythology by Aur of Wales, England
-large plastic hot / green house 6ft w / 8ft l / 7ft h
-many metal shelving units
-several cast bronze and pot metal sculptures
-collection of Wax and Bing ceramic pieces, some with animals and glazing done in Japanese Raku style, two large pieces with minor damage
-several artisan made signed ceramic and art glass pieces
-hanging nude woman with umbrella aluminum wire sculpture 36″x36″
-deer figures large and small metal and wood
-18″x20″ bighorn sheep leather sculpture
-many shapes, many materials, many sizes of fairy, angel, sprite, hobbit, hot girl and wild animal and more …
-collection of non-operational repro vintage pieces
-group of tactical, utility and hunting knives by SOG, Gerber, Buck, CRKT, Hogue, Mel Pardue and Allen Elishewitz
-group of modern straight, curved, long and short blade repro swords including a saber, a scimitar, a katana and more, plus an authentic WWII bayonet, and an antique sword of indeterminate origin (perhaps Spain or North Africa)
-custom one of a kind sculpture ‘Steam Punk woman in Hoop Swing’ by
Aur of Wales, England
-several horse figures, including a carved wooden stampede
-a cast wall hanging featuring three horse and a human male in high relief 18″ x 28″
-eight fused glass plates by local artists, some round some rectangle
-beautiful black candelabra 40″ tall, 16″x16″ base, with 8″ white candles
-24″tall nude sculpture by J.Young, artist of San Francisco,
titled “Sao Braphet Song” (Beautiful Woman)
-many other nude figures mostly women
-many, many road signs and funny signs of varying size
-autographed framed Giants & 49er photos /Colin Kaepernick, Madison Baumgarner, Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, etc – other interesting sports memorabilia
-English Sterling Horse Head Cane estimated to be made 1870-1890 with ebony shaft ferrule and tempered steel tip
-several interesting walking canes
-three 17″ x 25″ framed sexy pin-up girl WWII posters, two American one German by Andrew Bawidamann an artist who creates the finest military cheesecake Pin-up Girls being made today
-medium tone Heimer violin with case
-vintage beaded peacock handbag
-one Mary Frances Hoot Handbag, resembling (what else?) an owl
-Civil War themed chess set
-first peoples hand carved oar
-Remington Rand De Luxe Model 5 portable typewriter
-fantastic knee length Buffalo Fur Coat (XL) and other men’s long leather / wool overcoats
-several Large and XL high quality custom made anachronistic pieces by Sir Allen Jefferies for Steam Punk Conventions or Dickens’ Fairs including a brown leather coachman’s great coat with shawl (XL), a black wool coachman’s great coat with double shawl XL, black leather pirates coat (XL)
-custom made black hooded cape with shawl (XL)
-light brown ‘Territory Ahead’ fleece lined leather knee length coat (XL)
-black men’s Japanese Kimono (L)
-custom made black bats wings mounted on bendable wire 48″x 58″
-straw top hat… approx size 7 ½
-several cool lids by custom milliners Optimo of Chicago
-black beaver top hat by Linea Fox… approx size 7 1/2
-new in box pair men’s XL NEOS over-boots
-dark brown leather wolf mask, black leather wolf mask, black leather raven mask with movable beak
-custom made black feathered head dress adorned with black trim and silk ribbons from the shop ‘Bubbles and Frown’ of LA
-ladies clothes and designer shoes / cds / dvds
-Lori Mitchell figurines
-one of a kind “octopus and dangerous fish’ confrontation candle holder 13″x17”
-four cast metal owl figures
-four handmade witchy style brooms
-Marionette from Dangerous Puppets of San Francisco… the town drunk made of Manzanita wood
-one large spider and small spider from Dangerous Puppets of San Francisco made of Manzanita and oak wood
-three angel candle holders 18″ to 24″
-large collection of ‘Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil’ monkey sculptures, many sizes and materials (45 different pieces in all)
-a murder of crows (5 life size paper mache crows in flight)
-four animal skull reproductions including baboon and chimpanzee
-carved and cast Buddha, Quan Yin, Shiva, Virgin Mother, Angels, Gilded wise men and other religious figures
-eight custom made birds, two heron, song birds and a kestrel and hawk made with paper mache over foam forms and beautifully painted
-a murder of crows in flight: custom made crows meant to hanging from ceiling on string, paper mache over foam forms
-Large collection of 1/6 scale WWII action figures and vehicles, all custom made with custom gear, uniforms and equipment. Many boots and shoes actually are leather and have real laces. Some figures are modeled after the actors who played the characters including Tom Hanks, James Dean, Matt Damon, Kiefer Sutherland, and Russell Crowe, even an American airborne version of George W Bush! None are Hasbro’s GI Joe, which are not very accurate in detail. Rather, the figures and gear that make up these custom figures are combinations of, DiD (Dragon in Dreams), 21st Century Toys, Dragon Models limited, Ultimate Soldier, Blue Box Toys, and NewLine.
-seven American GIs
-eighteen American Airborne soldiers, 101 Div and 82 Div
-seven German soldiers
-four unopened boxed soldiers, resembling characters from Saving Private Ryan
-two unopened tank commander figures
-one opened box officer of 101 Div
-boxes of American loose gear and box of German loose gear
-two officers from Band of Brothers in dress uniform the other in uniform
-two paratroopers in full gear with parachutes and safety chutes ready to jump
-Stuart Tank Radio with driver, operates well, engine sound comes and goes, needs 9v charger, two 9v Batteries included
-Stuart Tank with Driver non R/C
-Sherman Tank with Driver non R/C
-Jeep with mounted 30 cal machine gun
-Dodge Scout Car with Mounted Thompson 50. cal machine gun
-metal US Indian motorcycle
-plastic US motorcycle
-German Tiger Tank, non R/C with five man crew in black uniforms
-two German motorcycles with sidecars, both with drivers and riders
-two German motorcycles with single riders, very cool!
-German VW Kublewagon, there version of the Jeep, all metal with no top
-1/6 scale Indiana Jones Character
-4 smaller scale Anime type, sexy female figures
-wood base deluxe Monopoly game
-50 bottles of very silly and fun labeled hot sauces…
-four single cigar and flasks, each different
-vintage cigar shadow box with cigar types and tools and photos of Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Jack Kennedy, and others smoking
-very fine wood hand carved Native American cigar shop figure 63″ in height
-Misc. barware, four pairs of beautiful champagne flutes and assorted other cordial glasses, and decanters and more
-large Barska binoculars on tripod
-10″ MK Diamond Products wet saw with base
-5″ MK Diamond Products wet saw
-older weathered tools, shovel, rake, hoe, weed sickle
-Echo SRM-225 Weed eater
-Dewalt 4″ grinder, never used
-Makita angle drill with cord
-three yard wagons, one needs assembly
-6 shovels, 3 rakes, and garden tools in good shape, some new
-hammers, chisels, drill bits, hand saws, pliers, 3 axes, 3 hatchets, and ax handles, one pitchfork, old large weed sickle
-two Japanese metal chrome garden shovels, one round end, one square end
-3 electric hand tools for wood carving all in great condition hardly used
-one bag masonry used tools
-5 gal buckets with bucket bag and tools for copper pipe solder
-Stihl HL 100 31CC articulated hedge trimmer long reach
-tool box of assorted screws
-Stihl 025 18″ chain saw in running condition
-Dewalt 18v 20″L x 12″H job site radio
-Heat Master 1500 watt space heater
-surveyor’s scope, tripod and misc related items
-2 6ft length hanging roll up sun shades, crème color, new in packages
-5 sets of exterior LED lights new in packages
-garden shed, one 6ft W x 8ft L x 7ft H at the peak of roof, aluminum frame garden shed with clear plastic windows, doors and roof
-many ceramic bonsai pots, assorted sizes
-terra cotta decorative 3D squares which can be used as side tables, stepped display etc
-three plastic horned owls, supposedly scare birds from your garden
-DIY pre-lit artificial redwood Christmas tree
-large pre-lit Manzanita branch all wires semi hidden
-tons of misc small tools and hardware  (ACE store would be proud)
-misc. granite slabs, tops and shelves, most with four polished corners, perfect for table and desk tops: 4 pcs light granite 11″ x 24″, 1 pc light granite 11″ x 53″, 1 pc dark granite 28″ x 53″, 1 pc dark granite 20.5″ x 52″, 1 pc dark granite table top 38″ x 42″, 1 pc dark granite 19.5″ x 46″, 1 black granite four sided base 12″ x 12″ x 15″ H open at bottom
-four thick foam pool floats
-camping, survival and “glamping” equipment and much much more!
 the last treasure “Pikachu” was found by Amanda (young but longtime customer) and  Zeus (her handsome dog) – who states “I’ve been going to The YES Co sales since she was 9 years old – I’m 22 now and  still love coming to them” / thanks Amanda you and Zeus make a great team / this week’s treasure to find is the “Harlem Globetrotter” basketball /
It is a “short – long” scenic drive on #280 (considered one of the most beautiful freeways in the Western U.S.)  – from the North take exit #25 Woodside Road – go ½ mile West  to the intersection of  Robert’s Market & Buck’s Restaurant – Mountain Home Road is the cross street – turn left and go appr 1 mile South to the sale site / loads of  free parking under the trees – but please stay away 10 ft from each tree trunk – there is still plenty of  room in this truly different world from the cities /